How to Get the Best Roofing Job

How to Get the Best Roofing Job
The best assurance that your new roof will not leak and that it will have a long life is to select a quality shingle product and to be certain that the shingles are installed absolutely correctly – good workmanship is what makes a roof shed water.
Shingle quality: we would not hesitate to buy a quality shingle product from any of the current roofing shingle manufacturers, including GAF, but Shingle installation standards we would want to be sure that my installer applied them according to the best practices in the industry since otherwise any warranty will be voided anyway. The principal sources of asphalt shingle roofing installation standards are the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA’s Roofing and Waterproofing Manual), and the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association (ARMA). There are also ASTM standards for roofing products.
Roofing contractor reputation and experience: Before hiring ANY roofing contractor we would check with the local better business bureau and would ask for references from local customers of the contractor.
Supervision during the roof shingle installation: we would want to be darn sure that the people actually doing the work are trained or at least supervised, continually, every day all day on the job, by a trained, experienced, roofing contractor. Too many roofing companies have a salesman or prime contractor who sells the job but send un-trained workers to put on the roof with minimal or no actual supervision.
Maintain your roof: with your roofing contractor, discuss regular roof inspections, the condition of your under-roof or attic ventilation, and what special problem spots may be on your roof, and what to do about them

A Satisfied Customer


Thank you for all that you have done.  I didn’t know getting my house fixed after Tropical Storm Fay could be so easy.  I really appreciate the role that you played in ensuring that I received all of the necessary funds from my insurance company.  I was impressed by the quality of work that was performed, both inside my home and on my roof.  Yours is quality operation.


Todd W. Meyers

The Insurance Claim Process

The Insurance Claim Process
Homeowners insurance provides safety and security for your property, costly gadgets and other items as well as covering injuries sustained by anyone on your property. Insurance companies offer different types of coverage and the premium varies depending on the state where you reside. Keep in mind that before you file a claim, you need to identify the type of claim you intend to make. The line of approach differs depending on whether it is theft alone or damage to property or both. With an injury, the claim will also differ. If there is loss due to natural disasters, the approach will again be different. Here’s how you can file a claim with your insurance provider.

Theft and/or Damage to Property
Inform the police immediately if you are making a claim of theft and/or damage to property. File a police complaint even if costly items are not stolen. Keep two copies of the complaint—one for the insurance company and the other for your reference.
Make a list of the stolen items and the damaged portion of the property. Give it to the police department.
Contact the insurance company about the theft and/or damage to property. Provide a copy of the police complaint and the list of stolen items and damaged property.
List the names of people you have spoken to in the police department and the insurance company.
Ask the insurance company if further formalities are necessary for the claim. If the damage and loss is large, the insurance company will send an adjuster for inspection. If the damage is minimal, the insurance agent may complete the formalities without an inspection.
Take photographs or a video of the damaged portion of the property. Make at least two copies of photographs and videos so that if you need to provide the photos or video to the investigating authorities you always have a copy for future reference.
Prevent consequential damage to your property by completing temporary repairs and keeping the receipts for reimbursement from the insurance company.


Ensure prompt treatment if there are injuries to a person(s). Injuries may be caused by sudden falling on your property or by incorrectly using tools.
Preserve hospital receipts and prescriptions for reimbursement from the insurance company.

Natural Disasters

Inform the insurance company and the local government where you reside immediately in case your property is affected during natural disasters, such as hurricane or earthquake. Seek their help in getting immediate relief.
Cooperate with the authorities and complete the necessary formalities as requested. Usually, during unforeseen or even anticipated natural disaster, the government might have devised a new policy or emergency policy. It is usually in your best interest to cooperate with the authorities so that the relief efforts can be provided swiftly.

The Advantages of Restorsurance Online Project Management System

Fierce competition, increasing regulatory pressures and other challenges are driving many insurance agencies to boost speed and accuracy of claims processing in order to stay ahead of the competition.  Restorsurance Online Project Management System delivers the tools that agents, brokers and adjusters need to increase productivity and deliver superior customer service.

The insurance industry is under increasing pressure to improve customer service while cutting costs and enhancing productivity. Market and regulatory pressures have forced providers to automate and streamline business processes and improve accuracy, while increasing competition amid declining customer loyalty has made speeding up applications and claim processing a high priority for maintaining competitive advantage.

Providers have already embraced self-service Web portals and customer relationship management systems to improve customer service. But their roving agents, brokers and claims adjusters still rely to a surprising degree on manual processes, paper-based forms and field diagrams that require rekeying and scanning back at the office. This not only causes errors, it also reduces the time agents spend with customers and lengthens claims and application processes by necessitating follow-up customer visits and interactions.

Call today at (407) 401-9599 for a tour of our Online Project Management System and see how it can help make your job easier.

How Does Your Policy Rate?

How Does Your Policy Rate?

Rating the adequacy of your insurance policy in advance of a disaster will eliminate many unpleasant surprises when it comes time to place a claim.
Answer the following questions to determine how your policy rates:
Is the information technology infrastructure covered by a separate policy?
Does a detailed itemization of assets exist?
Does the policy pay for the restoration of electronic data?
Are clearly defined loss claim procedures documented?
Does the policy have a “utility service interruption” grace period?
Does your insurance carrier have “pair & set” salvage rights over your property?
Does your policy cover all out-of-pocket recovery costs?
Is the process of determining the cost of interruption identified?
Does the policy exclude priority of payments of legal costs from coverage amounts?
If you answered NO to two or more of these questions, then your insurance policy is in need of an adequacy review. Begin by determining what your insurance needs are. Then meet with your insurance agent to review your current policy.
An independent policy analysis is highly recommended before you make any final policy changes.

The Perils of Roof Damage

The Perils of Roof Damage
A damaged roof can seriously affect your entire home. Water entering through roof leaks can damage your ceiling, walls, structural supports and even your house’s foundation. Mold and mildew that grow in trapped moisture can cause breathing problems and lead to an unhealthy environment throughout your home.
Being able to spot the early signs of roof damage can stop problems from becoming bigger – and more costly. The professional roofing experts at Restorsurance have the knowledge and experience to identify potential roof damage issues and make sure they are repaired properly before they cause a problem.
Roof damage can have a variety of causes:

Wind – Prevailing winds or severe gusts can cause roofing materials to lift, curl or come off. Water can enter your home under the roofing material or through the exposed area left by a missing section.
Corrosion – The flashing that keeps water from roof valleys, and projections, like your chimney or vents, can deteriorate and let water into your home.
Weather – The extremes of hot, cold, wet and dry weather, especially here in Florida, can cause roofing material to buckle, split or blister. Moisture enters through the openings that develop in the roofing materials
Wear and Tear – falling objects, from trees or blown by the wind, bird and animal traffic can cause premature wear to roofing materials. Left unchecked, damaging leaks can develop.

Restorsurance offers a variety of shingle and roofing products. We pride ourselves on the quality workmanship.

It’s important to have your roof regularly inspected for signs of damage. If the problems are not properly identified or fixed, the damage could become more extensive and difficult to repair.