The Perils of Roof Damage

The Perils of Roof Damage
A damaged roof can seriously affect your entire home. Water entering through roof leaks can damage your ceiling, walls, structural supports and even your house’s foundation. Mold and mildew that grow in trapped moisture can cause breathing problems and lead to an unhealthy environment throughout your home.
Being able to spot the early signs of roof damage can stop problems from becoming bigger – and more costly. The professional roofing experts at Restorsurance have the knowledge and experience to identify potential roof damage issues and make sure they are repaired properly before they cause a problem.
Roof damage can have a variety of causes:

Wind – Prevailing winds or severe gusts can cause roofing materials to lift, curl or come off. Water can enter your home under the roofing material or through the exposed area left by a missing section.
Corrosion – The flashing that keeps water from roof valleys, and projections, like your chimney or vents, can deteriorate and let water into your home.
Weather – The extremes of hot, cold, wet and dry weather, especially here in Florida, can cause roofing material to buckle, split or blister. Moisture enters through the openings that develop in the roofing materials
Wear and Tear – falling objects, from trees or blown by the wind, bird and animal traffic can cause premature wear to roofing materials. Left unchecked, damaging leaks can develop.

Restorsurance offers a variety of shingle and roofing products. We pride ourselves on the quality workmanship.

It’s important to have your roof regularly inspected for signs of damage. If the problems are not properly identified or fixed, the damage could become more extensive and difficult to repair.